Sun falls behind my neighbour’s house

It is dusking.

She comes humming in my garden.

Kissing the flowers, embracing them.


The dying sun makes her look golden.

Her large eyes so beautiful.

Her leg bag full of anthers,

anthers for bee bread.


She fills herself with nectar,

nectar for honey,

the queen to be special food!

Job done, she leaps into the air.


She turns and sees me,

afraid of been trapped, she stings.

It is a sting of death.

her stomach bursts​ open, she dies.


What a sacrificial offering of life!

She lives her life for others.

Not minding her own luxury,

nor the fact she needs​ not to fight.


Sometimes in life

we read various love stories

we watch love stories

we meet thousands of people

in our walk of life.

our path crosses various people

many people enter our circle of life.

And yet none of them,

not even a single of these people

not any if those love stories

touch us; move us nor change us. 

And then we read some love stories

and then we watch some love movies

we found ourselves following them

Laughing when they laugh

crying when they cry.

And then we meet one person

and then our path crosses the path of one person

then one person steps into our circle of life

they move and touch our life remarkably

they change our life forever. 

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